Hörwelt Heitkötter

Ihr inhabergeführtes Hörgeräte Fachgeschäft in Düsseldorf Stadtmitte

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HÖRWELT Heitkötter – Düsseldorf’s exclusive address for better Hearing

Upmost competence and individual service, a large selection of the latest hearing aids from leading manufacturers, pure exclusiveness – that is exactly what expects discerning customers in the HÖRWELT Heitkötter in the middle of Düsseldorf’s city centre.

In the Rhein-Metropole HÖRWELT Heitkötter has enjoyed a distinguished reputation for many years as a specialist for customization of high quality hearing aids. We are enabling our customers to hear and understand in every possible situation, as well as offering hearing aids with an upscale quality of comfort and aesthetic. They provide a comfortable fit and are more or less invisible.

Certainly, excellent know how and the best technical equipment is part of the considerate service at HÖRWELT Heitkötter. Their performance portfolio reaches from audiological measurements, hearing tests and hearing aid consultancy to hearing protection, accessories for TV and Smartphones or consultancies concerning Cochlea Implants. In a modern, elegant equipped ambience the customers have the possibility to find their new way of hearing in a relaxed Environment.

And such a service should not be expensive. We take a lot of time for our customers to make sure that we find the accurate solution that fits best to his or her needs, wishes and price expectancies.

You will find HÖRWELT Heitkötter in Liesegangstraße 22 in 40211 Düsseldorf. For appointments call tel. (0211) 171 22 10 or fax (0211) 171 20 69 or e-mail info@hoerwelt-heitkoetter.de.